The toolbar contains all the tools you need to create your design. As seen below, the toolbar contains tools that will insert design elements, preview and collaborate your projects, and modify your design.

The first item on the left, is the Stencils menu. Selecting this item will open you stencils panel that list down all available design elements. You can drag-and-drop any elements from this panel to your working canvas.

Libraries allow you to load existing library containing UI sets (PRO) and your pre-defined templates. You can use all elements listed in the library to help your design process.

Images let you browse through your uploaded image assets and huge collection of royalty-free images from Unsplash, which you can further use to spice up your wireframe design.

Quick Add turns your working mode into quick mode, whereas you can repeatedly place selected elements onto your canvas.

Following that are two of the selection controls, Select and Hand , that allow you to work under different mode. When you want to select and edit elements in the canvas, you can use Selection mode; whereas when you want to drag around the canvas to see your design, you can switch to Hand mode.

The next set of five icons are sharing options which are used to collaborate with your design team.

You can use Preview mode to see the overall design or share the public URL to your teammate. Download allows you to export your pages to SVG, PDF, or PNG format. Comments will display the comments dropped by collaborators on your design. The Revisions menu allows you to save your current working copy. And finally, the Collaborators menu will let you add design partners to your project.

You also have Zoom and Formats menu to adjust your viewing and edit your selected design elements respectively.