WireframeApp is easy to use, and quick to learn. We’ve created some feature introduction videos, and compiled invaluable resources to help you get familiar with the app!

Feature Introduction

Using Stencil Tools

In this short tutorial video, you will be guided on how to access all available stencils quickly and easily beginning from very basic stencils like text, paragraph, label to more advanced stencils.

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Using the Image Tool

When working on your wireframe design, often than not you might need to add some imagery to your project. In this tutorial, you will be guided to do so.

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Working with Multiple Elements

There are times when we have to work with multiple elements, such as changing font styles and colors, aligning elements, resizing, and many more.

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Quick Add Mode: Replicating Elements

In creating your wireframe design, often we will need to use the same stencil repeatedly. To cut short this repetitive process, switch to the Quick Add mode. In this mode, you can easily add elements from the same stencil with ease, whether it’s a long repeating list, image gallery, an array of paragraphs and texts, or other stencil types.

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Edit Delete Speed Up Design Process Using UI Sets (PRO)

With hundred over UI elements built into our library, you can simply drag-and-drop these well-crafted elements into your working canvas for the initial state of wireframe project.

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Hotspot and Linkmap

Using WireframeApp, you can link each page in the project using Hotspot. And you can view the linkages in Preview → Linkmap. Let's watch the short introduction video to see how it works out for you.

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UX and UI, are they the same?

"Most business models have focused on self-interest instead of user experience. Those are the kinds of problems we solve to solve." - Tim Cook

The Story of Pixel Density and Touch Interface

The more dense the display is, the more refined graphics are being drawn on the display. To our eyes, the display looks amazing. The devil is in the detail.

The Curious Case of iPhone 6+ 1080p Display

It’s interesting to see how Apple was so adamant about pixel-perfect scaling for all its devices in the past but decided to take a compromise at last for its latest iPhone 6+.

The Curious Case of Competition among Androids

We need a guy in a suit, standing in a stage with a huge line chart on a huge screen behind showing year over year improvements of the device on logarithmic rate chart.